The Greek people side with the Golden Dawn's positions on refugees and austerity - Mainstream parties out of touch

PEW research has conducted a series of polls in Greece and across Europe, surprisingly confirming that the positions of Golden Dawn are the most popular amongst the Greeks, as we are the only real party that represents their interests. The results where shared in the ‘Daily Sunday’ publication, but has to pick up steam with the mainstream media.
The Poll asked a number of questions to Greek citizens, areas of interest include the EU’s handling of the ‘refugee’ crisis, open borders, and ‘political correctness’, and other important issues regarding economics and austerity, all topics which are extensively covered by Nationalists across the Globe.
It wasn’t that long ago when the Greek government made a statement that ‘anyone reacts to the refugees must be Golden Dawners!’, well, if that’s the case then 94% of the country is Golden Dawn!
On the issue of the memorandum, which Syriza, New Democracy, ANEL, & PASOKl have all shown their eager willingness to facilitate during their time in power, a shocking 92% of Greeks disagree with the implementation of austerity and the reduction of national sovereignty. Again, only Golden Dawn holds this position.
Lastly, a majority of Greeks supported the return to National governments, discrediting further the Eurozone, as well as the shameless assignment of our institutional powers to the EU.
The results are encouraging, as they support what we have been saying all along – that Golden Dawn, and only Golden Dawn represents the real National interest of the Greek people. The challenge now is to continue to bypass the mainstream media, who try relentlessly to tarnish our message by filling the Greek public with lies.
How long will it be until the Greek people realise that only the Nationalists align with their true interests? In this information age, more and more people have access to alternative media, which is why Golden Dawn proves to be the preferred party amongst the male youth, who have the means to make decisions based on the truth, rather than just the medias lies.

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