Golden Dawn welcomes the courageous decision of British citizens

Statement by the spokesperson of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn, Ilias Kasidiaris, for Britain leaving the European Union:
"Golden Dawn welcomes the courageous decision of the British people to say NO to the crows of Brussels, to say NO to the German financial oligarchy, which flattens peoples with austerity policies that have trampled on our national independence, promotes illegal immigration, imposes quotas even in agricultural products we produce and does not allow to pursue strong ties with our fellow-believers of Russia.
The Immediate political consequence of BREXIT, will be the empowerment of the European patriotic and nationalist forces, leading the way will be the movement of Golden Dawn, which in a Greece betrayed, in a Greece that wealth is allocated to foreign moneylenders, we are the only resistance force, the only force battling for the National Independence ".

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