George Soros: Billionaire Terrorist!! Extremely powerful “nation wrecker” driving force behind New World Order

George Soros has somehow convinced people he is a “global philanthropist,” but perhaps no single man has wreaked more havoc on the citizens of the word than he.


Soros is neither a philanthropist nor an entrepreneur.He is an international sponsor of terrorism, war, and genocide.

By Ronald L. Ray

The subject of George Soros, the superwealthy slash-and-burn speculator and Hungarian expatriate, is one always  revealing new facets. Soros’s adventures
in “nation-building” and “democratic
revolution” are the left half of internationalist vise grips, set in so-called opposition to the “rightwing,”
Trotskyite, neoconservative war hawks.
While seemingly fighting each other, together both tighten the political hold on the peoples of the world, as they turn all toward a New World Order (NWO). The terrorist suspect’s most recent efforts
through “open society” foundations he funds are bringing globalist gunpowder plots to places like Poland and Armenia, in the long march to make the world safe for plutocracy.
The typical American, brainwashed by the
terminology of political “right” and “left,” often is puzzled by apparent inconsistencies in Soros’s behavior. On the one hand, the Jewish investor generally opposes Zionism and Israel’s genocide of Palestinians, yet he is guilty of the worst forms of crony capitalism and exploitative libertarianism,
while funding a variety of social uprisings.
But, in reality, his views and practices are
remarkably consistent.
Apparently, Soros learned his trading practices through the black market in Hungary’s “bad old days.” This amoral ruthlessness in pursuit of profit allowed him to amass a fortune of approximately $22 billion, while nearly destroying the
currencies of Great Britain and Malaysia. He was convicted of insider trading by a French court, and Thailand branded him an “economic war criminal,” according to the online “FrontPage Magazine.”
From our perspective, it is this plutocratic
piracy which is the leitmotiv of Soros’s life.
Ultimately, he uses his political involvements as springboards to profit from the societal destruction he promotes, and his efforts to help establish a centrally planned globalist government are meant to protect his  profiteering.
Thus, the recently installed nationalist/populist
government of Poland—universally deemed,
along with all other nationalist movements, as “extreme right wing” by the mainstream media myrmidons—has become a new target for Soros, the “stateless statesman” and international parasite.
According to an extensive article by Matthew Tyrmand of Breitbart on May 19, 2016, the Committee for Defense of Democracy (Komitet Obrony Demokracji, or KOD) sprang up shortly after Poles almost completely rejected the thoroughly corrupt major parties and remaining
communist apparatchiks. This contrived “popular” opposition to the nationalists mirrors typical CIA operations elsewhere and is designed to reintegrate the local population into the European Union and NWO.
The KOD is well funded and shadowed everywhere by the Stefan Batory Foundation, which in turn is funded by Soros’s Warsaw Open Society Foundation. These groups exhibit the typical New Left defense of white genocide, open borders,
exploitation of workers, and government by
unelected technocrats. Soros and his ilk clearly cannot tolerate people with strong national identities, who might seek their own people’s welfare.
In Armenia, which is closely allied with Russia as a defense against their hereditary Turkish enemies, a phony “popular” opposition to the government has arisen, as well, funded by the Soros-backed CIA-front group, the National Endowment for Democracy. Here, the purpose is
again to destroy strong nationalist opposition to the globalists’ desired hegemony through carefully orchestrated mobocracy. Such Soros initiatives bear close watching as they typically develop into violent, sociopathic uprisings. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen recently exposed the deep roots of the erstwhile Hungarian’s harmful internationalism, which
appear to include ties to organized terrorism.
According to Madsen, Soros began profitseeking infiltration efforts into Eastern Europe in 1984 through the Soros Foundation Budapest.
After exploiting the “crash of 1987” for massive monetary gains, he started funneling what the CIA called “kosher cash” into anti-communist opposition
groups to destabilize the government of then-Czechoslovakia. Soros financially supported Charter 77 and the likes of future Czech leader Vaclav Havel. But a declassified, redacted CIA report raises the question of whether anti-communist
terror bombings at the time may also have
been funded or even authorized by Soros.
What is not in question is Soros’s involvement in numerous similar activities for decades across the world. Hungary, Serbia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan,
and Kazakhstan as well as Egypt, Syria, and Iraq have all experienced the societally detrimental effects of Soros’s provocations.
Perhaps the capstone of the plutocrat’s power grab has been Ukraine, where his International Renaissance Foundation spent over $100 million to destroy the Russian-aligned country and establish an even more corrupt, genocidal puppet government. In this case, Soros proudly admits to
being one of those who have funded the U.S.- and Israel-sponsored bloody coup and unabated civil war. He also has close ties to the oligarchs now ruling the beleaguered Slavic nation.
Soros likewise is busily dumping tens of
billions of dollars into the accelerating white
genocide through foreign invasion in Europe and the U.S., with the goal of destroying those regions’ historic cultures and peoples—including the Catholic Church. Another example, Black Lives Matter is attempting to incite an anti-white race
war and has received tens of millions of dollars from Soros groups.
Soros is neither a philanthropist nor an
entrepreneur. Based on his record, he is an international sponsor of terrorism, war, and genocide.
He should be imprisoned and hanged for his

Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of

He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

Contact Ron by email at

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