The Turks are Making Threats Through their Newspapers: Three Million Illegal Immigrants Are Preparing to Set Sail for Greece

The number of illegal immigrants who are waiting in Turkey to cross over to the Greek islands has reached three million.  Many of them are crowded across from Chios, waiting for the ‘green light’ from the traffickers whom they have paid.
What will happen? We remind the statement by the Turkish Minister of the Interior, that any agreement on returning illegal immigrants from Greece to Turkey concerns only those who enter after the agreement was signing and not those who are already in Greece.
Turkey is expected in view of the agreement signing, which they won’t honor anyway, to ‘open’ the ‘tap’ and send as many illegal immigrants as they can during this period.  In this way blackmailing the EU to accept her absurd demands, whilst sending Greece millions of illegal immigrants who will remain trapped here.

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