Golden Dawn Threw-Out the Anti-Hellenes of BBC, When They Called Skopje… “Macedonia”

The party Spokesperson showed the exit door of the Golden Dawn offices to the BBC crew, when an anti-Hellenic journalist referred to Skopje as… “Macedonia”.
Right before, the frustration and embarrassment of the English became evident, when our MP stressed that the illegal immigrants should go to England and the USA, who are jointly responsible for the wars in Syria and Afghanistan.
At that point the malicious reporter Stacey Dooley couldn’t contain herself and displayed the anti-Hellenic sentiments of the propagandistic BBC, referring to Skopje as… “Macedonia” and attempted to set up a distasteful show.
However, she received the appropriate response from our spokesperson and was asked to leave the offices along with the rest of the English crew.
You can watch the video document below:

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