Richard Spencer (Alternative Right): “The rise of Golden Dawn that fights the System and the foreign forces who conspire against Greece is a great fact”

Richard Spencer, the leader of the American nationalistic movement “Alternative Right” became globally famous for his salutation “Heil Trump” shortly after the American elections. In his interview at “Ethnos” he refers in a positive way to Golden Dawn. Throughout Europe, but also in USA, the Popular Association is considered a benchmark and an exemplar for all the patriotic political parties.

The rapid rise of Golden Dawn in conditions of political war and violent suppression from the forces of the global establishment has impressed all the thinking people, even on the opposite coast of Atlantic. We present the interesting statement of Mr. Richard Spencer regarding our Movement:

“The rise of Golden Dawn is a great fact. It is the expression of a nationalistic political party, which provokes the system, the establishment and the foreign powers that influence Greece, including Washington as well, and criticizes the painful consequences of this influence. I am in communication with some people connected to Golden Dawn, but I never had official communication with this political party.”

In conclusion, we should note that the title of the constantly calumniating “Ethnos”: “Mr. Heil Trump reveals his relations with people of Golden Dawn” is being reversed by the content of the interview. The single official contact of the Popular Association with president Trump (and not with the national forces that supported him) was the congratulating telegraph we sent for his Victory at the elections (which we had envisaged in the Greek Parliament, a month before the elections)

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