Independent: Trump re-energizes Golden Dawn!

Independent: Trump re-energizes Golden Dawn!
British Independent acknowledges the fact that is hidden by all the bankrupt media and the pollsters in Greece and this is the increasing support of Greeks to Golden Dawn after the election of Trump as President of USA.
The British media offers in fact the statements of the MP of Golden Dawn, Ilias Panagiotaros during the event in the Honor and Memory of the Movement for the Heroic Officers of Imia. In a question about the first acts of the new President of USA, comrade Panagiotaros noted the following: “they confirm and reinforce our nationalistic and patriotic policies, which we defend for years.”
The article of Independent radically refutes the fixed internal reportages and the fake opinion polls with the poll of a bankrupt channel, whose reporter observed that “the election of Trump supports the political party of Kammenos to be the highlight!
It is clear that the international factor acknowledges that the presidency of Trump brings a wind of change in the entire Europe. It is also evident the fact that  regarding Greece, Greek People hope and anticipate the national turn, a hope transmitted into the rapid rise of Golden Dawn!
Footage of Independent from the event of Imia:

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