Boycott Estee Lauder!

One of the world’s wealthiest men, WJC president and head of the Estee Lauder company, Ronald S. Lauder, orders Samaras to crackdown on the legal political activity of Golden Dawn, March 17th 2013
While Prime Minister Samaras has yet to ever visit memorials of the Pontian-Greek genocide, he became the first Greek leader in 100 years to officially visit a Synogogue, in a meeting called by the World Jewish Congress in Thessaloniki. The mayor of Greece’s second largest and poorest city, Yiannis Boutaris, an open Pontian genocide denier who refuses to allow public assistance or space for memorials related to the Greek genocide,  attended and paid for “Holocaust” events, reiterating that Thessaloniki is the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”.  While second-generation Greeks of the diaspora must jump through many hoops to attain Greek citizenship, Boutalis has attempted to pass unconditional citizenship to any Jewish person that says they lived in Greece before World War II. After the war, most of Greece’s Jews moved to the state of Israel.
In a venomous spate of insolent hypocrisy, the fanatical supporter of the ultra nationalist Likud party, Ronald S. Lauder despite being up to his waist in the blood and tears produced by the horrors of a dangerous Zionist state with illegal nuclear weapons, ordered Antonis Samaras to: “[ban] political parties, such as the Golden Dawn movement, which pose a serious danger to liberal democracy”.  An institution that is not Greek and does nothing to contribute to Greek well-being, is demanding Samaras ban the third largest party, which enjoys up to 18% of the electorates support, all in the name of liberal democracy none the less.
Lauder, who rationalizes the killing of hundreds of children by his close friend Benjamin Netanyahu (also known as the “butcher of Gaza”),  came to give Greeks lessons in morality as well as chutzpah. Irony was left at the door of the Synogogue, however, when the kipa clad “Greek” prime minister Antonis Samaras promised he would pass laws with the intent of criminalizing the fastest growing voice of more than a million Greeks :  People’s Nationalist Assembly of Golden Dawn.   The World Jewish Congress claims to speak on behalf of Greece’s 5,000 Jews, why does Samaras care more about the opinions of 5,000 over 1 million Greeks, if Greece is truly a democracy?  If the Greek government truly believes the tribulations of Jews on Greek soil take special precedent over Greek victims in World War II and the silenced (including by these Jewish groups) genocide at Smyrna, why not just call it Judeocracy? What would happen if Greek gentiles went to Israel and demanded even the smallest concession, such as recognizing Turkish crimes against Greeks?
samaras2                                                         Prime Minister and corrupt thief Samaras meeting with the World Jewish Congress

While the handful of Greek Orthodox monks are beaten without provocation in the streets of Israel by Jewish thugs, under police supervision, the World Jewish Congress is joined by seemingly infinite numbers of other Jewish lobbies that seek to influence the internal issues of Greece from the outside, utilizing the power of purse and press.  The Zionists are everything they accuse Greek patriots of and worse.  The Jewish NGO’s have rang the alarm bells about Golden Dawn teaching Greek children about their own culture, the “Lauder Foundation” is a well-funded institution dedicated to instilling in peripheral Jews who have accidently eaten the cosmopolitan poison he sells us, a return to their racial identity. The main quote on the site states plainly:

“Our philanthropy seeks to revitalize Jewish identity through educational and cultural intiatives that reach out to all Jews.”
The hostile attack on Greek sovereignity, freedom, and interests, Lauder’s cosmetics monopoly Estee Lauder must be boycotted. Greeks and non-Greeks around the world who care about building a free community of nations, where different peoples make their own destiny, should not purchase or carry this brand of beauty products. Aside from the fact that the company is led by a globalist billionaire tyrant that believes in racial supremacy for his own people, but globalism for others, Estee Lauder has been known to sexualize children in its advertisements, severely abuses animals in product tests, as well as found itself in the center of controversy over a scandal regarding child labor.
Estee Lauder:
esteelauder                                                                                                               MAC (Make Up Art Cosmetics):
mac_cosmetics_png                                                                                                                   Bobbi Brown:
Prescriptives :
  Jo Malone :
   Tom Ford:
Smashbox cosmetics :
Clinique :
Origins :
Lab Series Skincare for Men:

Tommy Hilfiger:
Donna Karan New York (DKNY)
Michael Kors :
  American Beauty:
Flirt! :
  Goodskin Labs:
Grassroots Research Labs:
Ermenegildo Zegna :
Bumble and Bumble:
UPDATE:  The media firestorm this ad provoked was filled with many lies. The boycott is going to happen!  Greek politics should be decided by Greeks, not megalomaniac Jewish supremacist billionaires who think they own the world :
Charges of “Anti-Semitism” have been leveled at the campaign to boycott Estee Lauder over the anti-democratic tyranny of the World Jewish Congress. We are not encouraging a boycott simply because Estee Lauder is a Jewish owned business, we are encouraging such because of the actions its CEO and President of the World Jewish Congress have taken to undermine the freedom and self-determination of the Greek people.  We will use our peaceful right to buy or sell, to make a statement, especially now that the tyrants have shown their real weakness and root of their power: their money.
Of course the World Jewish Congress has essentially forced the various governments of the Western world to boycott or sanction anybody they do not like, for example the current blockade on Iran by Europe and America, or the 1990′s blockade of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq that caused the death of 1,000,000 innocent children. Yet, when the people they say should be outlawed and silenced refuse to buy their products, it is suddenly “anti-semitism”.  That’s chutzpah!
We are very grateful to the media for publishing this story, whatever limited exposure we had for this boycott before, will now be before the eyes of millions, to make their own choice, which will undoubtedly be to our benefit.
Greeks and others around the world, resent having their lives dictated by the money of a malicious Zionist billionaire like Ronald S. Lauder.  This is a boycott for the freedom of Greeks, and all people of the world, to choose their own destiny!  Non-Greeks attempting to use government executive power to stifle the liberty of Greeks is a travesty that can only happen in a system rife with corruption.
Update: We have been notified that Estee Lauder is already under boycott by numerous other, unrelated groups. It goes to show you that perhaps it isn’t us who is the problem: IF someone calls you a horse once, call him an idiot, if another calls you a horse twice, punch him in the face, if a 3rd person calls you a horse…start shopping for a saddle!  Boycott Estee Lauder for the freedom of nations to take their own path and for the children they support burning alive with white phospherous rounds.  Without their treasure chest of money, political prostitutes like Antonis Samaras would not actively do their bidding.

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